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Humboldt Books, 2020

“Dear Mr. Rossellini, I saw your films Open City and Paisan, and enjoyed them very much. If you need a Swedish actress who speaks English very well, who has not forgotten her German, who is not very understandable in French, and who in Italian knows only ‘ti amo,’ I am ready to come and make a film with you.” Rossellini, after receiving this letter from Ingrid Bergman – then one of the greatest Hollywood stars – involved her in the project that would become the film Stromboli (1950), but even before the film was released, it was the love story between the Roman director and the Swedish actress that filled the pages of newspapers far and wide. Federico Patellani, one of the finest photographers of the day, arrived on the Aeolian island: his shots made their way right around the world, for they documented not only the development of the film but also the living conditions of the inhabitants and the power of the elements. From the Patellani Archive, now housed at the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea of Milano-Cinisello Balsamo, photographs have come to light that help us reconstruct that famous story in its entirety.

Texts by Kitti Bolognesi, Alberto Bougleux, Giovanna Calvenzi, Goffredo Fofi
Graphic Design Maxwell studio – Teresa Piardi

Format 17 x 21
96 pages
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 18,00 €



Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 10
Silvana Editoriale, 2020

In September 2019 Armin Linke engaged international scholars in a performative seminar that questioned the nature and logic of archives, short-circuiting his artistic images with the cataloguing systems of photo documentation collections, such as those of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz and the Istituto Geografico Militare. The journal presents the reflections and methodological
coordinates that emerged during the day of studies curated by Costanza Caraffa, accompanied by a photographic essay by Armin Linke made within the institutions involved.

Texts by Hannah Baader, Matteo Balduzzi, Estelle Blaschke, Giovanna Calvenzi, Costanza Caraffa, Amedeo Martegani, Patrizia Piccini, Tiziana Serena.

Format 16 x 23
147 pages
76 color and b/w images
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 23,75 € (5% discount)

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Views of Lombardy

Claudio Beorchia, edited by Matteo Balduzzi
Viaindustriae, 2019

The book shows the Lombard landscape through the gaze of the saints in votive niches, with a selection of about 1000 images collected on the occasion of the photography project Between heaven and earth by artist Claudio Beorchia for the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The publication takes inspiration from classic editions such as the missal, Italian Touring Club guide, the dictionary, collecting in 700 pages thousands of images including full-color printed photographs and black and white miniatures, as well as a general index that shows the data of the 2911 niches photographed. The first section of the book collects more than 200 photographs and shows what the saints see from their positions in a subjective way, thanks to the shape of the image traced exactly on the shape of the niche from which the figure is protruding towards the surrounding environment. A selection of about 800 black and white miniatures, which directly relate the images of the saints and their gaze, is ordered through ten taxonomies.

Texts by: Giovanna Calvenzi, Claudio Beorchia, Matteo Balduzzi, Don Umberto Bordoni, Paolo Bossi.

Format 11 x 16 cm
700 pages
1000 color and b/w images
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 35,00 €


GENDA magazine

edited by Amedeo Martegani and Silvia Ponzoni
in collaboration with Teresa Piardi, Alberto Sinigaglia e Stefano Graziani

The magazine is the result of the research conducted by two editorial offices operating in China and Italy and is published annually with monographic issues that freely explore core issues of contemporary life. From 2015 to date, GENDA has presented a total of over 50 authors, combining the work of young emerging artists with that of renowned photographers: Ren Hang, Ed Panar, Bas Princen, Jeff Wall, Takashi Homma, Stefano Graziani, John Divola, Paul Kooiker, Melanie Bonajo, Ricardo Cases, Sophie Tianxin Chen, Josè Pedro Cortes, Todd Fisher, Geert Goiris, Zhang Kechun, Stephan Keppel, Paul Kooiker, Tatsuki Masaru, Yoshinori Mizutani, Andrea Pertoldeo, Fan Shi San, Alberto Sinigaglia, Mengxi Zhang, Robert Zhao Renhui, Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223).



2016, 144 pages
Copertina morbida con sovracopertina
Bilingual edition English/Chinese
Price 15.00 €



2017, 152 pages
Copertina morbida con sovracopertina
Bilingual edition English/Chinese
Price 20.00 €



2019, 136 pages
Copertina morbida con sovracopertina
Bilingual edition English/Chinese
Price 20.00 €


Visual archeology of Mafia phenomena in present-day Italy

Tommaso Bonaventura, Alessandro Imbriaco e Fabio Severo

Corpi di reato (Bodies of evidence) addresses the issue of the mafia by re-reading the Italian territory thanks to a clear and precise point of view which changes the image of Mafia proposed by the news. The photographs investigate the sense of a changed scenario, far from the violent conflict with the State seen in past decades. Criminal organizations nowadays hide behind a mask of normality , they are confused in the society and closer to us than we usually think. To counteract this progressive invisibility it becomes necessary to recompose the individual fragments and drw a map of the country, search for the historical documents, the signs of the mafia presence on their territories and also vacuums caused by the criminal action.

Vista del quartiere Scampia
Napoli, 2013

Book design Tomo Tomo
April 2018, leporello
Price 15,00 €


Hotel Castelsandra
Castellabate Salerno, 2013 

Book design Tomo Tomo
April 2018, leporello
Price 15,00 €


Salotto di Alfonso Diana
Casal di Principe, Caserta, 2013

Book design Tomo Tomo
April 2018, leporello
Price 15,00 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
Silvana Editoriale, 2016

The work of Patrick Tosani, constructed over time as a lucid reflection on the photographic medium, concentrates on three topics that are inseparable from one another: space, object, body.
For nearly forty years he has been investigating the features that constitute photography itself, its potential, its limitations and its relation with the visible reality. Permanently at the centre of this research (applied to common objects that inhabit our everyday lives, to the human body, to the simplest clothes that we wear and to architecture) lies the question of scale that photography uses to transform the objects of the world into images: and his photographs make them appear as evident, magnified, extraordinarily enhanced in a new perceptive dimension.
With extreme precision Tosani studies the process of transferring the tridimensional reality to the bidimensional surface of a photograph and underlines the autonomy of the photographic image that becomes a new object in and of itself.

Format 17 x 24 cm
104 pages
60 color images
Stitched binding with flaps
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 17,50 €




edited by Emanuela De Cecco
Silvana Editoriale, 2015

Moira Ricci, an artist born in the splendid and harsh Maremma countryside, has always been loyal to her homeland, interjecting its oldest narratives and taking inspiration from the old stories of family and country, full of symbolic meanings. Through them she has spun the dense weave of her own individual identity, making the original bond with her territory the true genesis of her art.

Using photography, video and installation as her privileged media, Moira Ricci recovers old images from family albums and small private archives, collects visual and audio testimony, revives personal childhood memories and gives them new meanings.This book, which includes two major projects by the artist (Da buio a buio, 2009-2015, and Dove il cielo è più vicino, 2014), speaks of rural civilization, its narratives and its profound contemporary crisis.

Format 17 x 24
Pages 96
60 color images
Hardcover e
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 17,50 €


CHANGES. Four Contemporary Stories

CAMBIA_MENTI Quattro Storie Contemporanee

Museum of Contemporary Photography, 2015

Produced by the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the catalogue presents an exhibition dedicated to the theme of diversity/inclusion by way of four projects by Cesura, an independent photographers collective. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with RS Components, a company that has made social responsibility a cornerstone of its identity.
The four stories recounted by Arianna Arcara, Gabriele Micalizzi, Alessandro Sala and Luca Santese of the Cesura collective are profoundly relevant, touching on important problems in our complex contemporary society, addressing the delicate theme of changing ourselves and the world around us through specific choices and behaviors in the spirit of civility and respect for others.

Format 21×29,7 cm
48 pages
26 color images
Staple bound
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 6,00 €




edited by Roberta Valtorta
Silvana Editoriale, 2015

Among the vast collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (2 million images, 33 photographic funds, more than 600 Italian and foreign artists), many are photographs that recount the social, cultural and urbanistic history of the city of Milan.
In this historical moment, the city is undergoing significant changes.
The selection of works for this volume constitutes a reflection on the profound transformations that have defined Milan’s identity from the postwar era to the present, as well as an opportunity to understand the evolution of the languages of photography during the passage from modernity to postmodernity. We find ourselves contemplating two entirely different cities: yesterday the devastation of war, reconstruction, work, the unflinching gazes of laborers, expanding suburbs, neighborhood street life; today the great urban agglomerate, the introduction of diverse individuals and communities, construction sites, skyscrapers springing up everywhere, the skyline of globalization.

Authors: Giampietro Agostini, Marina Ballo Charmet, Olivo Barbieri, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Gabriele Basilico, Luca Campigotto, Vincenzo Castella, Mario Cattaneo, Carla Cerati, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Cesare Colombo, John Davies, Attilio Del Comune, Paola De Pietri, Paola Di Bello, Peter Fischli e David Weiss, Emilio Frisia, Moreno Gentili, Paolo Gioli, Paul Graham, Guido Guidi, Giovanni Hänninen, Mimmo Jodice, Uliano Lucas, Tancredi Mangano, Paola Mattioli, Gianfranco Mazzocchi, Paolo Monti, Toni Nicolini, Enzo Nocera, Federico Patellani, Tino Petrelli, Bernard Plossu, Pietro Privitera, Francesco Radino, Achille Sacconi, Beat Streuli, Thomas Struth, Pio Tarantini, Alessandro Vicario, Massimo Vitali, Manfred Willmann, Giovanni Ziliani.

Format 23 x 28 cm
144 pages
104 color images
Stitched binding with flaps
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 24,00 €




edited by Kitti Bolognesi and Giovanna Calvenzi
Texts by Kitti Bolognesi, Giovanna Calvenzi, Aldo Patellani, Federico Patellani, Lanfranco Vaccari, Alberto Lattuada, Christian Caujolle
Silvana Editoriale, 2015

Federico Patellani (Monza 1911 – Milan 1977) was a major figure in the history of Italian photojournalism. He left us with a rich archive of images, almost all of them shot for newspapers, now conserved at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Cinisello Balsamo.
A sensitive and cultured narrator, Patellani witnessed all the events that impacted Italian society of the postwar era: from the monarch-republic referendum to occupation of the southern territories, from agricultural and factory labor to the birth of the beauty pageant, from the world of cinema to portraits of artists and intellectuals of the period.

This volume is an anthology of the work of Patellani – considered one of the greatest exponents of photographic neorealism – thanks to a collection of photos that show us an Italy struggling back to its feet after the Second World War, with a rigorous but never detached gaze.
It is worth noting his friendships with Carlo Ponti, Mario Soldati, Dino De Laurentis and Alberto Lattuada, thanks to whom he had the opportunity to visit various film sets and photograph actors such as Totò, Sofia Loren, Ingrid Bergman and Silvana Mangano, to name just a few. Other famous portraits come from his visits to intellectual and high society salons, like Thomas Mann, Ungaretti, Soffici, Carrà and Baj.
The volume includes critical essays, memoirs and writings by Patellani himself, including the article published by Domus titled “Il giornalista nuova formula”, in which he traces the physiognomy of the modern photoreporter, the profession to which he dedicated his long career.

Format 23 x 28
144 pages
94 color images
Stitched binding with flaps
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 28,00 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
Introduction by Gabriella Guerci and Roberta Valtorta
Silvana Editoriale, 2014

Published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Museum, the volume presents a selection of works from the 33 photography funds that compose the collections, along with illustrated entries on the 15 principal projects in the areas of education, art patronage and participative art. It also includes entries on all the photography funds, the library, the Museum’s exhibition history, conferences, seminars, books and films published during its first ten years.

Authors: Andrea Abati, Giampietro Agostini, Marina Ballo Charmet, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Peter Bialobrszeski, Günter Brus, Vincenzo Castella, Mario Cattaneo, Cesare Colombo, Mario Cresci, Paola Dallavalle e Fulvio Guerrieri, Marco Dapino, Paola De Pietri, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Joan Fontcuberta, Vittore Fossati, Luigi Gariglio, Jean-Louis Garnell, Carlo Garzia, Moreno Gentili, Jochen Gerz, Bepi Ghiotti, Luigi Ghirri, Paolo Gioli, William Guerrieri, Guido Guidi, Jeroen Huisman, Arno Hammacher, Jitka Hanzlovà, Roni Horn, Alfredo Jaar, Karen Knorr, Francesco Jodice, Mimmo Jodice, Gianni Leone, Uliano Lucas, Fulvio Magurno, Martino Marangoni, Roberto Masotti, Paola Mattioli, Giuseppe Morandi, Toni Nicolini, Cristina Nunez, Cristina Omenetto, Federico Patellani, Bernard Plossu, Francesco Radino, Paolo Riolzi, Achille Sacconi, Roberto Salbitani, Marco Signorini, Alessandra Spranzi, Antonio Strati, Beat Streuli, Pio Tarantini, George Tatge, Hans van der Meer, Fulvio Ventura, Cuchi White, Silvio Wolf.

Format 16,5 x 24 cm
112 pages
100 color images

Price 18,00 €



edited by Carole Simonetti and Diletta Zannelli
Corraini Edizioni, 2014

This visual essay offers ideas for conducting experiential workshops starting with the reuse of existing iconographic material. It talks about people, photography and books, but also about creative processes of bricolage from an anthropological perspective.
Parlami di te provides readers with an opportunity to rediscover the contents of their own ‘toolboxes’ of words and images and its communicative potential in a series of experiments involving visual re-elaborations focused on dialogue – between people, between images and between people and images.
The book is part of the project “Parlami di te. La fotografia come dialogo tra generazioni”, which consists of a series of workshops conceived by four artists – Tiziano Doria, Claude Marzotto, Giulia Ticozzi and Ilaria Turba.

Format 10.5 x 18.0 cm
138 pages

Price 15,00 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
Postcart 2013

This volume recounts the artistic and existential life of Roberto Salbitani, one of the masters of contemporary Italian photography. His work, introspective, visionary and sometimes critical of the conformist values and behaviors that shape contemporary society, investigates the difficult relationship between humans and the environment: from the expanding city to the territories overwhelmed by the violent process of urbanization to the search for elective sites in which to recover a liberatory relationship with lost nature. Salbitani has always woven his artistic enquiry with the investigation and teaching of printing techniques, of which he is an accomplished master.

Format 20 x 12
216 pages
92 b/w images

Price 12,50 €



edited by Matteo Balduzzi with the collaboration of Chiara Buzzi
Museum of Contemporary Photography, 2013

A guide, the first of its kind, to North Milan through encounters and works by eight young artists who worked from March 2011 to October 2012 in eight cultural sites to realize eight site-specific projects.
The book Art Around – Immagini per lo spazio pubblico is the catalogue of the public art project of the same name sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Photography between spring 2011 and autumn 2012.
The catalogue features installations by Daniele Ansidei (Centro culturale Il Pertini, Cinisello Balsamo), Fabrizio Bellomo (Parco Archeologico Industriale ex-Breda, Sesto San Giovanni), Matteo Girola (Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan), Simona Di Meo (Zona Bicocca, Milan), Rachele Maistrello (Parco Nord Milano, Bresso, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Sesto San Giovanni), Nicola Nunziata (Villa Forno, Cinisello Balsamo), Alessandro Sambini (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi, Milan), Giulia Ticozzi (Biblioteca Tilane, Paderno Dugnano).

Format 11,5 x 16 cm
128 pages
Printed in color

Price 5 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
JOHAN & LEVI Editore 2012

Joachim Schmidt (Balingen, 1955), paradoxically known as “the photographer who takes no photographs”, has worked with photography since the early 1980s without producing any images of his own. Asserted in 1989 on the 150th anniversary of the invention of this medium, the principle of taking no new photographs until use has been made of those already existing is one to which he still adheres.
In the present-day civilization of images characterized by an ever-greater proliferation of photographs to the point of habituation and meaninglessness, Schmidt has decided to halt production and confine himself to seeking out, collecting and using photographs already taken by others. This boundless material also include picture cards, exhibition invitations, posters, postcards, photos found in flea markets and archives, and images downloaded from websites and social networks. The German artist captures them from the great flow of contemporary communication, files them, appropriates them, combines them with one another and sometimes manipulates them in search of possible new meanings.
A collector, recycling enthusiast, cataloguer and environmentalist therefore rather than a photographer, Schmid has left his imprint on theoretical debate about this medium. His stance combines two fundamental themes of contemporary art, namely Duchamp’s idea of the ready-made and the “death of the author” envisaged by Roland Barthes. Having investigated all the forms of mass photography and all of the different associated languages, He has probably seen but above all used more images than anyone else in the world over the last few decades. His new and ironic call today is therefore for people not to stop taking photographs.

Format 16,5 x 24 cm
88 pages
Printed b/w – color

Price 14 €


Deborah Turbeville Bettina Rheims Vanessa Beecroft

by Alessandra Olivares
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 9
Silvana Editoriale 2012

lessandra Olivares, after having previously worked on the fashion references in the work of Cindy Sherman (he essay “Cindy Sherman: la moda “contro”” was published in the volume edited by Federica Muzzarelli, Obiettivo moda. Incursioni nella fotografia di moda contemporanea, 2010), chose “the timeless elegance of the models of Deborah Turbeville, the intensity of the photographs of Bettina Rheims and the icy and asceptic beauties of Vanessa Beecroft” to investigate “the themes of the gaze, the body and voluble world of fashion”, to use her words. Three artists very different from one another, a triad that generates the structure of the essay.
Winner of the fourth edition of the Paolo Costantini award for photography essays.

Format 16 x 23 cm
116 pages

Price 16 €


PUBLIC WORKS 1996 – 2011

jrp|ringier 2012

Swiss artist Beat Streuli (*1957) takes the urban environment and its inhabitants as the central motif of his work. His photographs are neither documentary nor conceptual: rather they lead us to a form of aesthetics that one could describe as the “glamour of the usual.”
This monograph is a survey of his oeuvre of the last 15 years, which includes billboards and large-scale window installations on the facades of public buildings, and a selection of his installations of slide and video projections. Streuli by Streuli: an extensive image sequence mostly taken by the artist himself documents Streuli’s rejection of the classic museum exhibition context. Instead he takes the photographs back to their place of origin—public space.
With newly commissioned texts by Raymond Bellour, Roberta Valtorta, and Jonathan Watkins.
Published with the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Milan, and the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Format 24 x 29 cm
160 pages
85 color images – 17 b/w images

Price 35 €



by Patrizia Regorda
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 8
Silvana Editoriale, 2010

The essay provides a survey of socially engaged photography in Italy, examining the numerous photographers and theorists who participated, from the postwar era to the 1970s, in the debate on the social and civic function of photography as a vehicle of documentation and information.
Winner of the third edition (2008) of the Paolo Costantini award for photography essays.

Format 16 x 23 cm
144 pages

Price 16 € – Online 14,50 €



edited by Diletta Zannelli
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 7
Lupetti Editori di Comunicazione, 2010

The volume presents an ample collection of writings by Antonio Arcari, an important photography scholar engaged in the historical and critical debate of the 1960s and in education, known primarily for having devised the didactic method used for the photography courses of the Società Umanitaria, then the C.F.P. Riccardo Bauer in Milan.
Writings by Silvia Arcari, Alessandra Cattaneo, Fabrizio Celentano, Cesare Colombo, Paolo Lazzarin, Gianfranco Mazzocchi, Toni Nicolini and Diletta Zannelli.

Format 16 x 23 cm
254 pages

Price 18 € – Online 16 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 6
Lupetti Editori di Comunicazione 2008

IThe volume examines the importance of public initiatives to promote photography from the mid-19th century to the present. It includes 18 essays by important international photography scholars on the same number of public patronage projects.

Texts by Roberta Valtorta, Anne de Mondenard, Roger Taylor, Marie de Thézy, Mary Panzer, Maria Antonella Pelizzari, Andrea Emiliani, Bernard Latarjet and Francois Hers, Pierre Devin, Jean Francois Seguin, William Guerrieri, Frits Gierstberg, Giorgio Negri, Annette Rosengren, David Chandler, Margherita Guccione and Francesca Fabiani.

Format 16 x 23 cm
176 pages
37 images

Price 18 € – Online 16 €




edited by Silvia Mascheroni and Diletta Zannelli
Lupetti editori di comunicazione, 2009

The volume documents the activities and projects realized by the Education Department of the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The entries are preceded by theoretical contributions on the relationship between the Museum and the public.

Texts by Roberta Valtorta, Simona Bodo, Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet, Silvia Mascheroni, Diletta Zannelli.
Project entries by Annalisa Cesario, Marilena Criscuolo, Sergio Giusti, Laura Losito, Silvia Mascheroni, Francesca Minetto, Laura Tono, Federica Travagliati, Diletta Zannelli.

Format 16 x 23 cm
112 pages
50 images

Price 12 € – Online 11 €




edited by Roberta Valtorta
Silvana Editoriale, 2009

The Museum of Contemporary Photography at the Villa Ghirlanda in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) is a museum of third millennium. It is devoted to photography from the period between the end of the Second World War and the present day, with a particular emphasis on contemporary developments.
Its constantly growing collections already contain almost one million eight hundred thousand images, organized in 26 photographic archives.

This volume presents a careful selection of approximately 150 of them, representative of the most significant themes: the human being, the landscape, experimentations of the 1960s and 1970s linked to the avant-gardes (body art, land art, comceptual) and one of the 1950s and 1960s related to the informal, to the abstractism and constructivism.
The book also includes essays on the activity and the structure of the museum.

Essays by Roberta Valtorta, Gabriella Guerci, Arianna Bianchi.
Entries by Matteo Balduzzi, Arianna Bianchi, Kitti Bolognesi, Chiara Borro, Giovanna Calvenzi, Massimiliano Foscati, Giovanna Ginex, Grazia Neri, Francesca Prina, Gerardo Regnani, Roberta Valtorta, Diletta Zannelli.

Format 21 x 27 cm
236 pages
135 images
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 35 €





edited by Matteo Balduzzi
Museum of Contemporary Photography, 2008
Catalogue produced at the conclusion of the digital photography contest involving teens from the cities of Milan and Toronto.

The volume presents all the photographs by the 60 young people selected for the contest, along with images recounting the course of the entire project, completed by brief reflections by members of both the Milan and Toronto juries.

Introduction by Corrado Paina and Matteo Balduzzi.
Texts by Chiara Agnello, Michael Awad, Attilio Azzola, Gian Mario Benzing, Luigi Gariglio, Christopher Hume, Che Kotari, Fabrice Marcolini, Shahina Sayani, Roberta Valtorta.

Format 12 x 18 cm
188 pages
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 15 €



Edizioni Charta, Milano, 2008
Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Triennale di Milano
Curated by Gabi Scardi, Roberta Valtorta
Interview by Gabi Scardi, texts by Roberta Valtorta, Marco Belpoliti, Stefano Boeri, Joseph Grima, Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet

Format 17 x 24 cm
168 pages
178 color images
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 34 €



Project and photographs by Luigi Gariglio
Edited by di Kimmo Lehtonen
ER – Paino, Lievestuore – Finland, 2008
In collaboration with The Center for Creative Photography, Jyvaskyla, The Finnish Museum of Fotography, Helsinki e Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Milano-Cinisello Balsamo
Texts by Kimmo Lehtonen, Luigi Gariglio, Roberta Valtorta, Francesco Zanot, Kimmo Jokinen, Elina Heikka

Format 28 x 22 cm
124 pages
Bilingual edition English/Finnish

Price 20 € – Online 18 €



edited by Roberta Valtorta
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 5
Lupetti Editori di Comunicazione, 2008

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paolo Monti, master of 20th-century Italian photography, the Museum of Contemporary Photography presented the volume Paolo Monti. Scritti and appunti sulla fotografia, which gathers his writings on photography, teaching materials and handwritten notes from 1952 to 1981, along with 14 photographs from the Museum’s collection.

Format 16 x 23 cm
224 pages

Price 18 € – Online 16 €



edited by Matteo Balduzzi
Electa editore, Milano 2008
Writings by Jochen Gerz, Matteo Balduzzi, Daniela Benelli, Luigi Gariglio, Daniela Gasparini, Andreas Hapkemeyer, Romano Madera, Gabi Scardi, Roberta Valtorta, Gian Marco Walch, Angelo Zaninello
Chronology by Carole Simonetti
Interviews by Francesca Spanò

Format 27 x 24 cm
208 pages
Bilingual edition Italian/English

Price 23 € – Online 21 €




edited by Roberta Valtorta and Arianna Bianchi
Marsilio editori, Venezia, 2008

Catalogue of exhibition at Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri di Verona and ArtVerona – fiera d’arte moderna and contemporanea.
Works by important Italian and foreign photographers from the 1930s to the present who investigated the theme of abstraction.

Photographs by Olivo Barbieri, Pierre Cordier, Franco Fontana, Jean-Louis Garnell, Mario Giacomelli, Paolo Gioli, Franco Grignani, Roberto Masotti, Nino Migliori, Paolo Monti, Aaron Siskind, Luigi Veronesi, Silvio Wolf.

Format 17 x 24 cm
124 pages

Sold out



edited by Ute Eskildsen
Steidl, Göttingen, 2008

The photographs shot by Robert Frank in Paris in the early 1950s, brought together and published for the first time, selected personally by the photographer with the collaboration of the curator.
Exhibition held at Folkwang Museum, Essen; Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo-Milano; Jeu de Paume, Paris; Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam.

Unpublished photographs by Robert Frank

Format 19 x 23 cm
108 pages

Price 30,00 € – Online 27,00 €

Sold out





Victor Burgin edited by Filippo Maggia
Skira editore, Milano 2008
A production of the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice.

For the first time, Victor Burgin turns his critical attention to his own artistic production.
The book gathers several unpublished lectures held by the photographer on his visual work in relation to various themes of contemporary art, along with excerpts from interviews and the artists photographic and video projects.

Photography and texts by Victor Burgin

Format 24 x 28 cm
264 pages
160 images
English (with supplement in Italian)

Sold out



Storie Immaginate - Catalogo DVDFilm documentary by Meris Angioletti and Angelo Boriolo
Music by Angelo Bonazzo
Production Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea
In collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo and Navigli Lombardi

The Museum of Contemporary Photography entrusted eight photographers (Andrea Abati, Olivo Barbieri, Paola De Pietri, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Vittore Fossati, Jean-Louis Garnell, Jitka Hanzlovà, Alessandra Spranzi) to realize a series of studies of the same number of sites in Lombardy.

The title, Storie immaginate in luoghi reali, is intended to emphasize a completely open way of understanding contemporary patronage: the eight sites constituted a point of departure, from which the artists then worked in complete freedom, using them as scenarios for whatever kind of story they wished to tell.

46 min
160 images
Subtitle Italian/English

Sold out


The materials of photography between analog and digital

Catalogo Alterazioniedited by Roberta Valtorta
Lupetti Editori di Comunicazione, Milano 2006
Writings by Silvia Berselli, Anne Cartier Bresson e Françoise Ploye, Christian Gattinoni, Gabriella Guerci, Nora Kennedy e Peter Mustardo, Marina Pugliese, Roberta Valtorta

Works by Enrico Cattaneo, Barbara Chiarini, Giovanni Comunale, Mario Cresci, Max Dean, Bruno Di Bello, Nichola Feldman-Kiss, Joan Fontcuberta, Massimiliano Foscati, Jean-Louis Garnell, Paolo Gioli, Mimmo Jodice, Bogdan Konopka, Andreas Mueller-Pohle, Ugo Mulas, Eric Rondepierre, Thomas Ruff, Marialba Russo, Silvio Wolf, Natale Zoppis

Format 24 x 30 cm
196 pages
64 images

Price 40 € – Online 36 €



Photographs 2004-2005

edited by Maik Schlüter
Schirmer Mosel editore, 2004

Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover (26 August– 30 October 2005) and at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Cinisello Balsamo – Milan.
With an introduction by Roberta Valtorta and an essay by Maik Schlüter.

Format 24 x 30 cm
64 pages
26 color plates
Bilingual edition Italian/English

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Photography and the imaginary field in the age of digital technology

di Sergio Giusti
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 4
Lupetti editori di comunicazione, Milano, 2004

Photography and digital technology: issues of economics, mass media and the most strictly theoretical problematics of the alleged new statutes of photography.
Winner of the 2004 edition of the Paolo Costantini award for photography essays.

Format 15 x 21 cm
106 pages
14 color plates

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edited by Thomas Seelig and Urs Stahel
Steidl editore, 2004

Catalogue of the exhibition presented at the Fotomuseum Winterthur (4 September – 14 November 2004), at the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Spazio Oberdan in Milan.
Writings by Hubertus von Amelunxen, Norbert Bolz, Gerda Breuer, David Campany, Neil Cummings, Gisela Ecker, Michel Frizot, Martin Jaeggi, Michael Jakob, Thilo Koenigg, Susanne Scholz, Thomas Seelig, Urs Stahel, Timm Starl.

Format 24 x 30 cm
392 pages
More than 500 images in color and b/w

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edited by Roberta Valtorta
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 3
Lupetti editori di comunicazione, Milano, 2004

Critical writings by Mario Belpoliti (interview with Luigi Ghirri) Mario Belpoliti (intervista a Luigi Ghirri), Paola Ghirri, Giovanna Calvenzi, Gianni Celati, Laura Gasparini, Giorgio Messori, Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, Roberto Salbitani, Marco Sironi, Ennery Taramelli, Roberta Valtorta, and all photographers of Viaggio in Italia.

Format 15 x 21 cm
284 pages

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A film by Maurizio Magri
Screenplay by Vittore Fossati and Maurizio Magri
Produced by the Museum of Contemporary Photography
Realized by Emmestudio, Reggio Emilia

Through interviews with the foremost photographers who took part in the project, (Gabriele Basilico, Olivo Barbieri, Vincenzo Castella, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Mario Cresci, Carlo Garzia, Mimmo Jodice, Gianni Leone, Fulvio Ventura) with art historian Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, writer Gianni Celati and Paola Borgonzoni Ghirri, the film reconstructs the cultural climate of the early 1980s and investigates the origins of Viaggio in Italia, the meaning of the type of photography it proposed, and its influence on subsequent photographers.

60 min

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edited by Roberta Valtorta
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 2
Lupetti editori di comunicazione, Milano, 2004

Collection of the papers delivered at to the seminars held between 2001 and 2004 at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, supplemented by texts from critics, historians and museum directors from Italy and Europe.

Writings by Luca Massimo Barbero, Gabriel Bauret, Pierre Devin, Bruno Di Bello, Ute Eskildsen, Vittorio Fagone, Christine Frisinghelli, Christian Gattinoni, Frits Gierstberg, Elio Grazioli, Mark Haworth Booth, Andrea Lissoni, Gilles Mora, Gianni Romano, Roberto Signorini, Tereza Siza, Urs Stahel, Francesco Tedeschi, Franco Vaccari, Hripsimé Visser, Hubertus von Amelunxen, Bas Vroege, Silvio Wolf.

Photographs by Franco Vaccari, Bruno di Bello, Nancy Burson, Keith Cottingham, Jochen Gerz, Victor Burgin, Silvio Wolf, Walker Evans, Philip Lorca di Corcia, André Kertész, Aziz e Cucher, Andy Warhol.

Format 15 x 21 cm
132 pages

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edited by Roberta Valtorta
Tranchida Editore, Milano 2004
CExhibition catalogue

Photographs by 145 authors from 18 of the photography funds of the Museum.
Writings by Enzo Minervini, Gabriella Guerci, Roberta Valtorta.

Entries by Matteo Balduzzi, Arianna Bianchi, Sergio Bisi, Kitti Bolognesi e Giovanna Calvenzi, Chiara Borro, Cristiano Buffa, Barbara Chiarini, Massimiliano Foscati, Giovanna Ginex, Sara Maestranzi, Enzo Minervini, Francesca Prina, Roberta Valtorta.

Format 24 x 30 cm
232 pages
223 images in color and b/w

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edited by Enzo Minervini, Gabriella Guerci, Roberta Valtorta
Quaderni di Villa Ghirlanda n. 1
Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo-Milano 2003

Collection of the papers delivered at the seminars La documentazione dei beni culturali / La catalogazione della fotografia.
Writings by Giampietro Agostini, Gabriele Basilico, Silvia Berselli, Arianna Bianchi, Mara Campana, Enrico Cattaneo, Marisa Dalai Emiliani, Andrea Emiliani, Laura Gasparini, Elisabetta Giffi, Giovanna Ginex, Antonio Giusa, Gabriella Guerci, Fabio Impero, Enzo Minervini, Massimo Ontani, Silvia Paoli, Francesco Radino, Lorenzo Scaramella, Raimondo Schettini, Luciano Soave, Luciano Spezia, Roberta Valtorta.
Photographs by Giampietro Agostini, Giampietro Agostini, Gabriele Basilico, Enrico Cattaneo, Paolo Monti, Francesco Radino, Luciano Soave.

Format 21 x 27 cm
192 pages

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edited by Roberta Valtorta
Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo-Milano 2002
Exhibition catalogue

Photographs by 145 authors from 18 of the photography funds of the Museum.
Writings by Eleonora Fiorani, Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet, Roberta Valtorta.

Photographs by Ezio Colanzi, Paola Di Bello, Francesco Jodice, Tancredi Mangano, Roberto Marossi, Roberta Orio, Marco Signorini, Cristina Zamagni

Format 24 x 30 cm
168 pages
108 images
Bilingual edition Italian/English

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edited by Ute Eskildsen
Museum Folkwang, Essen 2001
Catalogue of the exhibition Irving Penn. Still Life
Texts by Jürgen Müller
Photographs by Irving Penn

Format 23 x 28 cm
120 pages
60 images
German and English language, with supplementary Italian translation

Price 23 € – Online 20,70 €