The museum is fully accessible. The Educational Department offers workshops for the differently able.
T 02 66056631, 02 6605661

Learning activities
The Educational Department works inside and outside museum. It offers guided tours and workshops by appointment, courses and training days.

Guided tours for groups
By appointment with the Educational Department.
T 02 66056631 E

Exclusive guided tours
Tours can be organized for schools, associations, institutions and companies. The Educational Department can also provide personalized didactic activities. By appointment.
T 02 66056631 E

Guided tours to Villa Ghirlanda and the English garden
Daily and nightly, guided tours by appointment.
(Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo Center for Historical Records)
02 66023524 E  (Centro di Documentazione Storica del Comune di Cinisello Balsamo – Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo Center for Historical Records)

Opening time, by appointment only: Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 3.00pm
02 66056628 E

Multimedia library
Watch films and videos in the museum’s multimedia corner. Open during museum hours.
02 66056628 E

Photography collections are available on-line  or in the museum’s multimedia corner. Access to originals must be requested and justified by study or research reasons.
T 02 66056635 E

The Archive Department offers scientific advice for inventory, cataloguing, digitization and conservation of photography. It offers iconographic research for exhibitions and books. It provides and rents exhibitions from museum collections for private and public institutions and for companies.

Conference room
Ground floor, next to the library, with 80 seats.
Available for courses, conferences, video projections, meetings and special events.

All books, catalogues and film produced by the museum are available in the museum bookshop on the ground floor and on line.

With the consent of the artists, the Associazione Amici del Museo (Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Photography) has published small-format limited editions in 50-copy runs, consisting of photographs belonging to the Museum’s collections, to help support the Association and provide photography buffs with collector’s items. The prints are on sale in the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s bookshop.
T 02 66056626 E


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