#2 – Milano

MiBACT for the photography: new strategies and new views on the territory

The cycle of traveling conferences is part of the Stati generali della fotografia, a state-of-research project launched by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT). After the first stop on May 27 in Palermo, the second event will be held on June 8 in Milan at the Triennale, in collaboration with the city and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, concurrently with PhotoWeek, examining a system that considers photography either as social documentation or artistic expression.

Subject, iconography, historical context and topicality, as well as channels of sharing, selling or appropriating. Photography offers infinite access points, readings and classifications, both from the semantic and systemic points of view, although there is often a tendency to reduce the issue to a binary distinction between social document and artistic expression. But it is precisely because of this distinction that photography has enjoyed, since the 1990s, a dual identity, thanks to a specialized circuit of galleries, collections, museums and schools, dialoguing with contemporary art, where it contributes to a complex reconnaissance of the world of images. Yet today, in the digital era of the Internet and post-truth, it seems legitimate to question a regime which, though useful, offers limited opportunities and cross-interpretations of photography


Thursday 8 June, 17.00
c/o Triennale di Milano – Salone d’Onore

“Photography and society: document or artistic expression?”
Clarice Pecori Giraldi – Vicepresident La Triennale di Milano
Anna Maria Montaldo – Directress Area Polo Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Municipality of Milan
Giovanna Calvenzi – President Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Milano – Cinisello Balsamo
Lorenza Bravetta – Counselor of the Minister Dario Franceschini fot development of the photographic heritage in Italy

Catterina  Seia – Vicepresident Fitzcarraldo

Matteo Balduzzi – Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea,  curator of the project Identity Flows_Visual Routes Across the Mediterranean Sea. Gibellina, Malaga, Lecce, Salonicco, Milano 2015-2017
Raffaella Cortese – Gallerist, Milano
Filippo Maggia – Curator of the project Lying in Between, Hellas 2016
Linda Fregni Nagler – Artist
Giacinto Palladino, Alessandro de Lisi   –  First Social Life, curators of the project Verso il Museo del dialogo e della fiducia per il Mediterraneo. Lampedusa 2016
Beatrice Trussardi –
President Fondazione Nicola Trussardi
Bas Vroege – Founder and Director of Paradox, Rotterdam
Tobias Zielony –

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