In dialogue with
Armin Linke, professor ISIA Urbino
Jonathan Pierini, director ISIA Urbino
Giovanna Silva, professor ISIA Urbino
Matteo Balduzzi, curator Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

11 June 2020, 6 p.m.
Live streaming YouTube (mufocotube) e Facebook (mufoco)


CAPSULA is a project created by a group of ISIA Urbino students, supported by the teacher and artist Armin Linke. A “device” that explains this subversion of time through a series of images taken during the mandatory quarantine period, compressed in a twenty-four-hour time span.
There is no sequence of days but only the transition of light, until dark. The photographs presented were subtracted from the moment of the shot and placed in a new temporality: all that remains is the minute, not the dating, symbol of a temporal loss where the days merge each other, where temporal perception is altered, dilated or compressed.

CAPSULA exists in two formats, paper and web, and contains a series of images collected during the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The two devices are tools for viewing and using the photos: on the website, each image is individual and compares the exact moment in which it was taken permanently until the arrival of the next, in the book, however, the sequence of images becomes a line continues, as is the succession of seconds.

CAPSULA was developed in Italy during the mandatory quarantine period that it has undergone in the country since 8 March 2020. The project was developed by some students of the ISIA of Urbino, in the course of photography and in five of publishing, followed by the teacher and artist Armin Linke.

The book will be produced and distributed by Corraini Edizioni.

Anna Luna Astolfi, Clelia Cadamuro, Anita Cariolaro, Simone Foglia, Brando Gallo, Matilde Morri, Daniele Muzzi, Sara Paolucci, Abel Picogna, Sergio Porcarelli, Luca Pradella
Tobia Ciabocchi, Giorgia Giacomini, Roberto Lenza, Riccardo Savioli, Lucia Tonelli
Armin Linke, Jonathan Pierini, Giovanna Silva