YOUNG UNIVERSE c/o Palazzo Lombardia

Photographs from the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography
by Giovanni Ambrosio, Gabriele Basilico, Antonio Biasiucci, Mario Cattaneo, Tomaso Clavarino, Rachele MaistrelloClaudio Majorana, Tommaso Mori, Claude Nori, Marco Signorini

October 6-7-8, 2022 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Palazzo Lombardia — Belvedere, 39th floor
Milan, Piazza Città di Lombardia

Designed specifically for the event La Lombardia è dei giovani (“Lombardy belongs to young people”), the exhibition explores the complex and elusive universe of the condition of youth through a selection of over 60 original works created by 10 important authors of Italian photography from the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

The projects exhibited are placed over a very wide period of time — from the mid-sixties, when the youth issue emerges strongly in Italian society, up to the most recent days — and they address heterogeneous themes, capable as a whole of restoring the wealth, indeterminacy, energy, the contradictions of perhaps the most mysterious and fascinating age in the life of the human being.

Young people from different times and places are united by moments of carefree vitality, such as on the beaches of Claude Nori or in the dances of Gabriele Basilico; sometimes they are the street urchins by Antonio Biasiucci, others the teenagers by Mario Cattaneo or the group of children immersed in nature by Claudio Majorana.  These are contrasted by a more suspended and uncertain condition, evoked by the urban and metropolitan portraits of Marco Signorini and Tomaso Clavarino. Finally, the theme of collective identity and the relationship with diverging social contexts characterize the research of Giovanni Ambrosio — the Ultras dimension in curves around the world — by Tommaso Mori, in a popular district of Modena and by Rachele Maistrello, who blends gaming imagination and technology in a rural environment.

The variety of themes and situations represented is reflected in an equal richness of emotional registers, methods of narration and visual languages, ranging from black and white – common thread which from classical photography evolves to the most experimental works — to the ancient technique of cyanotype; from the purely documentary image to the staged photograph.
In a complementary way to languages, the methods of presenting the works, with regard to dimensions, printing techniques, montages and frames, provide an interesting overview of the possibilities expressive of contemporary photography.

The Museum of Contemporary Photography, the only public museum in Italy dedicated to the photographic and technological image, has been open to the public since 2004 at the headquarters of Villa Ghirlanda in Cinisello Balsamo — Milan. The preserved heritage includes more than two million works by Italian and foreign authors and about 20,000 photographic volumes available for consultation.

In the Museum’s collection there are numerous photographic collections owned by the Archive of Ethnography and Social History — General Directorate Autonomy and Culture — Lombardy Region.


Claudio Majorana, All the things that seemed so important, 2020
Winning project of the Refocus #2 Open Call by the Ministry of Culture — DGCC, 2020